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Urban GraceUrban Grace

Appealingly different. The extraordinary element matrix and the on-trend colour palette of Urban Grace has never been seen before. Design of tomorrow, not yesterday.

Material visuals are the definitive trend in wall design and in future, will also specify the tone. The urban charm of material visuals is distinctive and can be easily combined with a number of individual interior styles. With this the wallpaper creates an eye-catcher, however remains neutral enough to act as a backdrop for fixtures and personal style.

Urban Grace goes that little bit further and combines the surface visuals with natural, on-trend colours and the elegance of geometric design. Thus the wallpaper wins in terms of presence and shines with its metallic effects. The contemporary design provides a particular charm and is eye-catching.

The smart, modern pattern and structural matrix creates a contemporary look, which ensures a unique sense of living through its individual combination and design.

Those who choose Urban Grace, will create a completely new sense of living with the used-look and metallic-effects. Modern design and inviting atmosphere work together and let the room become an inspiring place.

Do you like the style but are still in search of the right combination and the appropriate accents for your wall design in the modern, on-trend design?
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Tipp von der Expertin


Jil's style-tip:

“Why not go a little over the top? Decorate your new living rooms in a way that is calm, courageous, sophisticated and trendy at the same time. Old candlesticks from a flea market, an armchair à la Chippendale. Nothing is flamboyant, rather it is emphasised. Decorative elements made of glass or metal bring the urban look into your living space”.

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Urban Grace Tapetenvarianten




Urban Grace


A completely new attitude to life

Modern living. Individual living. When a cool city atmosphere meets selected, exclusive aspirations, a new style of living emerges - URBAN GRACE. Here, the tolerant openness of the young generation is combined with tradition-conscious charm. Changing colours with sometimes shiny graphic-like motifs turn the the walls into a modern work of art. In an exciting balance between casualness and high quality.





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