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Finca Home

Finca Home

Do you love the Spanish-Mexican country home style?
Who doesn’t dream about living in endless sunshine with an idyllic landscape.
With the Finca Home style, the wonderful feeling of a holiday mood and a lifelong dream can now be on your wall. The unique mix of strong colours, classic patterns and modern accents provide an incomparable feel-good atmosphere.

Inviting warm, strong natural tones and reserved pastel colours have a vivid effect and can be creatively combined.
Just the way you like it, we have tile patterns with vintage flair and a diverse play of colour or modern mosaics with a metallic effect for use. In combination with the textured, plain colours you can create a harmonious balance and achieve the unique, inviting ambience of the Finca Home style.

It does not matter whether you use bright, colourful colours or reserved, on-trend pastel colours, the Mediterranean mood provided by Finca Home is characterised by traditional and modern variations.
With a dash of exotic and a mix-and-match character, the wallpaper is the atmosphere-providing highlight of all rooms.

Vamos! - Transform your home in the Finca Home style, Spanish charm and modern design, into your dream finca.

Are you still finding it difficult to decide or can you still not find that appropriate idea of how to implement the many possibilities? On Instagram and Pinterest, we present our ideas and our favourites. Here you are sure to find the fitting solution and inspiration for every living space.




Finca Home Tapetenvarianten


Tipp von der Expertin



Jil's style-tip:

“Your new FINCA living rooms are supported by various decorative elements such as cacti in terracotta pots, colourful embroidered cushions, wooden bowls or blankets and plaids. Here, the cosiness is also expressed through a casual imperfection. Nothing is mandatory, everything is possible and allowed. The right environment for those who just want to turn a blind eye and enjoy the sun when it shines”.


On Pinterest, we present our ideas and our favourites about Finca Home.





 Finca Home Tapetenvarianten



Wallpaper for a cosy atmosphere

Who doesn’t dream of owning their own finca with typical Mediterranean cosiness, warm earthy colours and a rustic structure on the walls? But enough of dreaming - all this can now become a colourful reality in your home.

With FINCA HOME, your walls and home come to life. Gold, brown, yellow and beige accentuated with clear petrol and blue tones are presented on an almost three-dimensional wallpaper structure. Mediterranean joie de vivre for 365 days a year.







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